Wedding Music Spotlight #2: Acoustic Love Song Covers
February 15, 2018
DJ Eric Whin Wedding Ceremony String Covers Pop
Wedding Music Spotlight #4: String Quartet Covers (Pop 2018)
March 15, 2018

Wedding Music Spotlight #3: String Quartet Covers (Rock)

How to Rock your Ceremony

Okay, so puns aside. Fun music for ceremony waiting time is essential to entertaining guests early on. Here’s a few great reasons to consider using some of these rock covers during your wedding ceremony.

Metal Head Approved, Grandma Approved.

Lets say you love Metallica. But Grandma is sitting directly next to the speaker and will be extremely offended if you blast James Hetfield right into her face. With a Metallica String Quartet cover, you get what you want to walk down to, and your more traditional guests think of it as a classical song they haven’t heard.

Groomsman Introduction?

These are also great if you’d like the guys in your party to walk down before the girls. Use them in the Ceremony for anyone needing some extra motivation.

Eric Recommends

Vitamin String Quartet is an awesome artist, but really should be reserved for your ceremony. Later on the actual version of the song will go over much better. Their instrumentals are perfect for walking down the aisle to, so pick your favorite and enjoy the experience.


Shoutout to Spotify for again making my life significantly better. Wait, you don’t use Spotify? Quit wasting your day with lame music apps and download it here!

Thanks For Listening

Each month i’ll be bringing you cool new playlist options for your wedding, so be sure to stay tuned for more awesomeness!

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