Wedding Music Spotlight #1: Tropical House Wedding Covers
February 1, 2018
Wedding Music Spotlight #3: String Quartet Covers (Rock)
March 1, 2018

Wedding Music Spotlight #2: Acoustic Love Song Covers

Love is in the Air

Face it, most people anticipate you to use the same songs they’ve heard at other weddings for yours. But who says they have to hear it the same way?

The Power of the Cover Song

Covers of popular wedding songs can add a bit of uniqueness to your day. Say you love a song by Ed Sheeran, but the last four weddings you went to had Ed Sheeran for their first dance song. You don’t want to copy your friends, but you really identify with the lyrics and “have to have that song”

That, my friends, is where covers come into play.

A different rendition of that same popular song can make you stand out as a wedding couple, while still enjoying the lyrics you identify with.

The Need for Speed

Here’s another way to look at it. Maybe your first dance song is too fast or two slow. It’s a great song that makes you smile and you and your lover want to share it as your track of a lifetime. If you use a cover, now it’s suddenly easier to dance to, and your moment becomes 1% better.

Acoustic Love Song Covers

Thank you again to Spotify for allowing me to use their awesome plugin. If you aren’t using Spotify, immediately download and make your life better.


Thanks for Listening

If you liked these songs, there is more to come next week! Be sure to keep stopping by for awesome wedding music.

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