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November 9, 2017
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Wedding Music Spotlight #1: Tropical House Wedding Covers

All the Sounds of the Beach on Your Wedding Day, With None of the Sand Stuck in Your Shoes!

If you’ve never heard of Tropical House, You probably haven’t shopped at Hollister or H&M in the past few years.  Tropical House is a variation of House Music that incorporates flutes, steel drums, and bouncy synths to create a fun island vibe with a better beat.

Sound Interesting?

It’s one of my favorite new genres, so this week I went on a Spotify hunt to find you some of the absolute best Tropical House songs for Weddings.

So, without further ado, This week’s wedding playlist spotlight is Tropical House Wedding Songs.

Eric’s Recommendations

This playlist is amazing. Tropical House covers can really take a somewhat forgotten wedding song and bring it a massive new amount of life. Use these for spicing up your cocktail hour or dinner!

I’d like to thank Spotify.com for allowing me to use their amazing plugin. If you haven’t tried out Spotify you can visit their website here! Download their app and start playing!

Thanks for Listening

I hope you loved the summer vibes of the tropical house wedding list. For more awesome music be sure to stay tuned to my blogs. If you need an awesome wedding team for your special day in Upstate New York, you can fill out my form below!

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