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Modern culture will tell you that your wedding is the most important day of your life. No pressure or anything. Planning a wedding can be stressful. Every wedding is a unique situation. Every couple has different feelings, thoughts, desires and goals. Marriage should be a unique celebration for every couple. Yet often the planning of a wedding is very cookie-cutter. You may ask what is "common" or "normal" for a Saratoga Wedding DJ to do. If you've never been married, you have a few options. You could also just blindly trust your DJ, or copy someone else's wedding ideas that you've seen. But the truth is, good wedding planning doesn't come from asking what everyone else in Saratoga has done, but asking yourself how you can make your day represent who you are as a couple.


An average DJ may tell you when meeting for booking that they have been DJing for twenty years. But they could also have been doing it incorrectly for that entire time, for the large part ignoring their client's requests and ideas for differentiation. On the other hand, someone learning from the right people and being responsive to their client's wants and needs could become much better in a shorter period of time. When it comes to experience, DJ Eric Whin was trained by the 2014 DJ of the Year Winner Vinny Liotta in Emceeing, and was trained by DVDJ Kamakazi AKA Steve Fallon in technical DJing skills. He regularly attends annual seminars for wedding skills, and personally shares ideas and communicates regularly with some of the top wedding DJ's in the United States. More so, Eric constantly practices and adapts his crafts to the newest trends and ideas.


Eric and his staff only use premium equipment. On the physical wedding day, Eric and his team arrive early to set up equipment and check each and every piece is working correctly. Time is allotted to ensure no technical issues. On the event something should go wrong however, backup equipment is only a parking lot away, as extra equipment is provided with every wedding contract. Equipment is up to date, offering state of the art sound and clear audio projection for every guest in a room of any size. Audio equipment can be additionally provided for ceremony and cocktail hour locations, allowing your guests to move from room to room without any gaps in the entertainment.




Being the creator of one of the most extensive DJ training programs in New York, Eric has hand-trained each and every one of his assistants and co-workers. Eric currently maintains a 100% attendance rates for over 500 career events. Whether it be weather, a flat tire, or a full on relocation of the wedding, Eric is available to help his clients pull off one of their special day. Each member of Eric Whin's team on your special day is a trained DJ expert, capable of necessary skills such as Emceeing, song selection, crowd reading, dancing, and music mixing.






No longer are the days of giant bridal notebooks with countless sticky notes. Primarily through the use of DJ event planner software and multiple in person meetings, Eric offers his clients 24/7 access to their online wedding forms portal where they can add requests, create their timeline, and explain all of their formalities and needs. In this software, the client can safely and securely organize their thoughts. While working directly with Eric, his number one goal is to allow you to sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite drinks. Don't worry about the details after planning. Eric will executes each of your formalities and helps guide your guests through the day.




The Planning Process

Stressing on the details of your wedding day? DJ Eric Whin is there for all of your planning needs. While offering over 5 years of expert advice and experience to providing customized planning, you can rest easy knowing you are in good hands. Making time to plan can be tough. With different schedules and commitments, Eric has made himself flexible and available. He provides one on one meetings tailored to your own busy schedules. For each client during the planning process, Eric's philosophy is to primarily build a relationship. He wants to know more than just who you are. Eric wants to understand how you think. He will learn what excites you and scares you about your wedding day. Eric also spends time learning about your family and friends, while educating you on how to make them involved in your formalities rather than just watch them. This allows him to cater to the entire room and balance your needs with your guests tastes, leaving you with compliments for years that it was the "best wedding ever."

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