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April 25, 2018
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May 1, 2018

Music Spotlight #6: Metal/Punk Top 40 Covers (No Screaming)

DJ Eric Whin Wedding Music Spotlight

The Album for a Hardcore Wedding Celebration

So you love metal, but you also love your friends and know they don’t like it the same way you do. You want your guests to be happy at your wedding. Is there a way to meet in the middle?

Hell yeah. Enter Metal/Punk Top 40 Covers.

It takes all the fun of Top 40 music that your guests know, and adds moshing, long hair, sweet pipes and sick guitar solos.

Oh, and I handpicked these as always, so expect high popularity songs with minimal screaming or profanity.

Eric Recommends

Cocktail hour. This is a great time for you to play your less than conventional wedding hits. Some of your guests may even get into it. It likely won’t rock your dance time, and will sound out of place at dinner, so cocktail hour is really where this list should stay.

Keep in mind, these also make great wedding entrance variations. If you have a hardcore bridal party, then they can come into these versions rather than the normal ones.

So, why keep you waiting? Let’s get to the music.

Probably Different than you expected huh? That’s the beauty of Spotify. And Speaking of beautiful things, it’s FREE. Download it here.

Thanks for Listening. You Rock.

Will these Dad jokes ever stop? Ask me here. (Or if you just need a kickass wedding planner you can hit me up for that also.)


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