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May 7, 2017
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June 28, 2017

Event Highlights #2: The Reserve Nightclub in Saratoga

Australia’s Finest, Mate.

Danny Simms, right before he ripped his shirt off and crowd-surfed on an air mattress. Photo Creds to Side Bar in Sydney Australia.

Danny Simms is one of Australia’s best entertainers. You know he means business when his most memorable quote to live by is “Life gets more interesting when you take your clothes off.” Yeah, not kidding. Security warned me early on that they may need to hop in the booth to make sure Danny stayed dressed. Not only are his stripping skills and awesome accent worth mentioning, but Danny really brought a lot to the night life experience in Saratoga for a couple of key reasons. 1. His emceeing was excellent. Whether it was telling ladies make some noise (and boy, did they make noise for this guy) or having everyone put their middle fingers up to the line backed up halfway down the street trying to get in to the sold out club, the crowd followed Danny’s every word and command. It takes a lot of talent to get the attention of a club and keep it while talking on the mic. 2. His energy was great. Jumping, dancing, and singing to the music being played while DJing really shows the crowd he wants them to enjoy themselves, rather than just buy drinks.

What We Played

Danny and Kamikaze’s sets were mainly EDM this night, which added a lot of energy into the room. Danny blended 90’s and 00’s hip hop hits into EDM drops, giving those who liked hip hop the lyrics they liked, and those who like the rave style music a chance to go crazy. Once my set started, I focused primarily on Latin, Hip Hop throwbacks, and Trap Music.

The crowd was perfect! Energy was in the air. You could feel it. We had an amazing night, and if you missed it you rightfully should be a little bummed out.

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