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Great Singalongs to End your Wedding Night

Your sweaty, tired, and it’s almost the end of your event.

Does your last song matter?

The short answer, is yes.

The last few moments of your party should be a memory. You are closing out the nights with your guests, and the song you play will determine how well this goes. This short article will give you some tips and tricks to closing out the night properly as a guest, and if you are reading this as a DJ, use this information to make your closer even better!

Tip #1 Choose a Popular Song

This doesn’t have to mean it’s played on the radio right now, but guests have to know it. If you choose a song that nobody knows, they won’t know how to dance to it or sing along, so your crowd won’t be nearly as interested.

Tip #2 To Sing Along or Party Hard, that is the Question.

This tip all depends on the style of ending you are looking for. Do you want all of your guests surrounding you in a circle while you dance one last time? Or would you like everyone jumping and going crazy to a final beat drop before the lights turn up? Whatever emotion you are going for, your song should fit this mood.

For this post, we will focus on Sing-alongs.

To see my recommendations for fast songs to end on, check out my other post here!


Great Singalong Closers

Frank Sinatra – New York New York

Great for making a circle around the guest of honor, and finishing with a giant hug or those can-can kicks. Most guests young and old will know the words.

Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

Great choruses at the beginning, with an amazing sing-a-long bridge and a massive hard rock ending. This song is a little bit of everything you’d want to end a night.


I’ve had the Time of My Life – Bill Medley, Jennifer Warnes

The iconic song from Dirty Dancing, great slow dance with fitting lyrics that guests can sing while dancing with their partners, and it has the great lift up moment at the end.


Don’t stop Believin’ – Journey

One of the most popular songs of the early 1980’s, and a perfect singalong for most guests. Air guitars not optional.

Livin’ on a Prayer – Bon Jovi

A slightly more upbeat and rocking singalong. If you still have some energy towards the end of the night this is a great blend of dancing and singing to finish with.

You shook me all Night Long – AC/DC

Drunk guests will imitate Brian Johnson’s high pitched scratchy voice at the top of their lungs as they tell you how well your party rocked. Great choice for middle aged or rock crowds.


I hope this list helps the end of your night be a little more memorable!

If you are having a wedding or private event in Saratoga Springs, Clifton Park, or Albany New York, contact me below for some more information! I’d love to see how I could help you make your party better.