Event Highlights #3: Megan & Sean’s Wedding
October 2, 2017
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November 9, 2017

Event Highlights #4: Gabrielle and Mark’s Wedding

Such a fun wedding day! This was my first time officiating a wedding. Yes I said officiating.

How’d I get to there you may ask?

The short story is this: while planning with Gabrielle and Mark they called me frantically one night, telling me that their officiant was unable to do their wedding (for those who haven’t been married yet, this is a big deal. The guy who legally marries you just said he won’t be there, and you don’t have a backup plan because you were counting on them. It’s pretty scary.)

Fortunately, since I get to know my couples really well, I was able to calm them down and start to ask some questions on if they had anyone else in mind. They said they didn’t but were looking for recommendations. Without skipping a beat, I volunteered.


It wasn’t for the attention, extra money, or for this blog post. It was because I truly love my brides and grooms, and i’m willing to work around issues that come up in the planning process to still give them that magical moment.

So, I went online, took the test, and became a wedding officiant! We wrote a quick, funny script for them and the rest is history!

While there, I got some clips of them with my Sony a6500! Check out the video!