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Family Feud: 6/29 at the Rusty Anchor Bar and Grill and Team Updates

Our Biggest Night Yet

Wow! What an awesome crowd. Today Dillon and I performed at The Rusty Anchor Bar and Grill in Watervilet. We had over 16 teams Playing Family Feud, which is a new record for the bar! During the night, Dillon and I took turns emceeing the game, entertaining guests with our banter and back and forth on the microphones.

Dillon Emceeing a Round of Family Feud

With several birthdays and retirement parties at the Rusty Anchor, we tried to make each group get a special moment in between playing the game. We paused several times to have guests sing happy birthday to a guest or give a round of applause to a recent retiree. It was a fun way to make people’s reasons for attending more relevant while also keeping guests involved.

With all of these explosive results happening quickly, I have very exciting news to announce.

Meet the New Team

Introducing Family Feud’s two newest emcees, Dillon Hunsdon and Dave Acevedo

With the amount of growth and response i’ve seen in Family Feud, we’ve added two new emcees to the roster. Dillon Hunsdon and Dave Acevedo.

Dillon has been a DJ for almost 2 years, and was my right hand assistant on many jobs. He has a ton of energy in his speaking and tries to keep the crowd involved with clever jokes and excitement. Dave has been DJing for four years. He is a polished emcee with a lot of energy. I can’t wait to see what both of them can do to help Family Feud become the fastest growing bar entertainment DJ service in upstate New York and beyond.

Don’t Forget

Be sure to check out the video linked to this post for most of the highlights.

Interested in Family Feud at your own business? Contact me here.


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